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Living With A Disability


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Understanding Disabilities

Intellectual/Developmental Disability

Physical Disability

Youth in Transition (Age 17.5 - 21)


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New To A Disability?

Applying for Disability Benefits (SSDI) See:

Information about SSI See: 

Contact the ADRC at 262-833-8777 if you are interested in receiving a packet of related application materials for both of the above programs.


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Additional Information & Resources

Advance Directives information

The ARC - Center for Future Planning

Disability Etiquette - Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities

Navigating Healthcare with a Disability Videos - Person Focused info and Healthcare Provider Focused info

Safety Issues -  Elopement Alert Form   Racine County Residents of Special Needs Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)  The Racine County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a program that will aid Law Enforcement Officers in contacting and locating residents of Racine County with special needs.  The program can assist individuals with all types of special needs, such as, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dementia and those with hearing and vision impairments.  By completing the attached form, you will provide the Sheriff’s department with crucial information that can assist in providing the best care during emergencies.  For additional questions, please call the Racine County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center at 262-886-2300.

 Autism/Alzheimer/Dementia Elopement Alert Form