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Long Term Care 


The ADRC is committed to helping people with the information and resources they need to plan for current and future care needs.  Long-term care is any service or support that you may need because of a disability, getting older, or a chronic illness that limits your ability to do the things that are part of your daily routine. This includes things such as bathing, getting dressed, making meals, going to work, and paying bills.

For assistance you can call the ADRC at 262-833-8777 weekdays between 8 am and 4:30 pm or email



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What is Long-Term Care

What is Long-Term Care

What is Options Counseling

Next Steps: My Planning Guide (Booklet)

Decisions – This is what I Want

Wisconsin - Long-Term Care and Support (Webpage)


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Preparing for the Future

Advance Directives

Considering A Move? - Cost Calculator (Booklet)

Care in the Home (Presentation)

Housing/Living Options (Presentation)

Housing Options for Older Adults: a Guide for Making Decisions (Booklet)


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Additional Information & Resources

long term  (Website)

Information from Elder Care Locator:

Legal Resources (Printable page)

Long Term Care Management Organizations that serve Racine County

Long Term Care (Learning Library)

Long Term Care Planning - National Care Planning Council (Website)