ADRC of Racine County, Wisconsin


Long Term Care Options


At the Racine County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) we have trained Information and Assistance Specialists who can help people identify their need(s), sort through options and make choices that are best for them. To maintain independence it is important to know where to start and how to access services. Staff are available to meet with people at the ADRC, discuss issues over the phone or meet with people in their home. Often people contact the ADRC with a question about public and private benefits or insurance. At the ADRC there are Benefit Specialists who can help people with disabilities and older adults apply for public benefits.

What can I expect if I call or walk in?

We ask people to talk to us about their concern for themselves or a family member or friend. Once we understand their individual situation, we help them: Learn about programs and services, decide what options are best, and apply for benefits (if needed). ADRC services are available to individuals, concerned family members, friends, or professionals working with issues related to: aging, physical disabilities, or developmental disabilities.

Services of the ADRC

Within the services of the ADRC we not only offer information and assistance and options counseling but also the following:

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Information and Assistance

At the ADRC we have Information and Assistance Specialists that can assist you in getting information you may need surrounding issues of aging, or disabilities for those 18 years or age and older. Our specialists are trained to identify community resources and how to connect with them. This may include long-term care related services, living arrangements, health and behavioral health, adult protective services, employment and training for people with disabilities, home maintenance, nutrition, Family Care and Partnership. The ADRC shares information with you based upon a specific inquiry or the identification of need(s) you have shared during a phone conversation or visit to our office. We try to identify which options are best suited to meet a person's need. ADRC staff link people with those services and also help them to apply for SSI, Food Stamps and Medicaid as needed.

The ADRC does not have actual financial means of delivering services or support, however, we are knowledgeable about programs that do offer this assistance and what qualifies you. The ADRC is also the entry point for Racine County's Long Term Care Programs.

Options Counseling

Because there are many choices when it comes to services, resources, and programs, the ADRC is available to assist with exploring these options helping you come to the most informed decision. Circumstances are different for each person we speak with. Through personal contacts we are able to assess what your need is and determine how best we can help. Help can be in the form of information, resources, or publicly funded programs.

Options Counseling is accessed by calling us at: 262-833-8777 for any person who is a Racine County resident that may require assistance. For alternative ways to contact us, hours, and how to visit us see our about us page.

Public Funding for Long Term Care

There are circumstances that a person may require assistance through publicly funded programs to get their needs met. The ADRC works with any person regardless of their income. However through the options counseling process at the ADRC it may be determined whether or not a person may wish to pursue a publicly funded programs and in turn, qualify for this. When accessing public dollars (programs funded thru federal, state, and local county dollars) there are qualifiers that may vary from program to program and are based upon a person's circumstances.

If you are interested in programs that support a person in the community, offer assistance in your home, or assistance returning to the community from a nursing home please visit our long term care page.