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Article: Guide To Education


Table of Contents
  1. Teacher Education Requirements & Resources
  2. Funding Education
  3. Parents and School
  4. Private Education
  5. Public Education
  6. Life after High School
  7. Special Education
  8. Students
  9. Learning Disabilities

Homework Links
Learning Style Inventories
Support Sites and Advocacy for Kids
Educational Games and Resources for Kids

This section is tailored specifically for students. There are links to websites to help you with your homework, teach you study skills, and help you balance your life as a student. You can also identify your learning style and how it can affect your performance in school. As a student with a disability or special needs, you are not alone. There are many others who understand how you feel. There are links to support groups that have been organized to help you.

Homework Links

The Internet has numerous sites that can help students with their homework. Listed below are websites that can help students at the elementary or secondary levels. The links listed below can help students with math, science, and writing.

How to Study
How to Study is a site that has information on how to read, write, and memorize more effectively. They also have tutorials to help students with math and time management skills.

Ask Mr. Math
This site helps students of all grades and ages with their math homework.

Learning Style Inventories

Everyone has different ways of learning. Howard Gardner says that there are actually seven ways that people learn. Other people say there are even more. Knowing how you learn can be helpful when working with teachers and in knowing how to study. Listed below are intelligence inventories that you can do online.

Multiple Intelligence Inventory
Howard Gardner developed the multiple intelligence theory. School is no longer a question of how smart you are, but rather how are you smart? On this site you can find out which "intelligence" you are and the best way that you learn.

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Support Sites and Advocacy for Kids

There are many students who deal with the same issues. Talking to other people who share the same challenges can be a great source of support and comfort. Listed below are websites created especially for individuals with special needs. The websites also help educate others about disability issues.

Kids as Self Advocates
Kids as Self Advocates is a website for youth with special needs and their friends. It provides support networks and advocacy for all youth.


Educational Games and Resources for Kids

A great deal of information can be accessed from the Internet. Many sites provide fun ways to learn about the world around us. The following are links to various educational sites with games, art projects, stories, and other activities.

NASA provides a website for youth with games, art, stories, and activities.

Exploratorium is a museum website of science, art, and human perception.

EDGE: Education for Disability and Gender Equity
EDGE is a website where high school students can learn about men and women with disabilities. The site focuses on individuals with disabilities in science and the humanities.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a website just for youth called Exploring Career Information. On this site you will find information on different jobs and careers that may be of interest to you.

Last Updated on 8/16/2017